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Dental implants have both advantages and disadvantages.

Nowadays, people attach great importance to personal beauty, especially teeth are a particularly important part of our body. When there is a bleeding injury in the teeth or a shortage of external force due to force majeure, this can be changed by implanting teeth.

In fact, dental implants are based on the lower structure that has been placed in the bone tissue to support the edentulous restoration of the upper dental restoration, including the lower support implant and the upper dental restoration. In fact, dental implants have advantages and disadvantages, experts say so!

What are the advantages of dental implants?

1. It and the traditional dental restoration, the benefits are very large. The alveolar bone gradually forms with the growth of the teeth. When the teeth fall off, the bones will gradually absorb. When we implant the teeth, we can replace the natural teeth after implanting the bones, and use this functional stimulation to reduce the absorption of the bones. This is a very big advantage for him, and its structure is very similar to that of natural teeth. After being placed in the bone, the protruding from the gums is very similar to the natural teeth and looks more beautiful.

2, implants whether it is chewing function, or the feeling of comfort is very good. Dental implants can not use adjacent teeth, nor increase the burden on surrounding teeth, but also share the resultant force of adjacent teeth. From this perspective, its repair is better than traditional repair.

Although the benefits of dental implants are very large, in fact, it also has certain shortcomings. Let's take a look.

1. Compared with natural teeth, it has a very good structure with bones, but it is not good to combine with soft tissues, so when we do not really maintain the surrounding of the teeth, it is likely to cause inflammation around the implant, so Post-care and cleaning are very important.

2. Compared with natural teeth, dental implants have a true bone combination with the bones. Between the natural teeth and the bones, the periodontal membrane is combined. This periodontal membrane has a relatively rich feeling ability. As our strength changes, natural teeth will move and dental implants do not have this function. Therefore, it is important to pay attention to such teeth. Timely maintenance is very important. Regular maintenance can help people.

3. When the dental implants chew the food, it will exert some pressure stimulation on the jaw bone, and reduce the atrophy that is not used. For the continuous loss of multiple teeth that cannot be fixed and repaired by the traditional method, the fixed repair can be performed well. And it is also very delicate and beautiful, and it is very similar to our real teeth, but it is also infected with bacteria in the mouth like real teeth, so patients who have implanted teeth must be regularly checked and do oral hygiene in daily life. To ensure the health of dental implants.



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