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Oral medical device industry may encounter a major reshuffle

The main reason is that as a distributor of dental medical devices, the operating income structure is single. The company's revenue is mainly from sales agent products, which is easily affected by uncertain factors such as product agent authorization, agency product price and market competition.

From the perspective of product structure, Dental is mainly engaged in oral minimally invasive treatment equipment (such as oral laser therapy machine, oral diode laser therapy device and diode laser therapeutic device) and intelligent digital dental treatment equipment (such as high-definition digital viewer, digital oral CT, Agent sales of dental chip machines, etc.).

Although the intelligent digital dental treatment equipment is just the need for dental and orthodontic dental medical projects, the demand is not large. Generally, a medical institution only needs 1-2 digital oral CT, so the sales volume of the products is not stable and seriously affects. Company revenue. In addition, the period of product authorization and medical device registration certificate also seriously affects the company's revenue. The product registration certificate failed to obtain the approval of the State Food and Drug Administration in time, resulting in the product being unable to be sold for more than half a year, seriously affecting the company's sales revenue and profits.



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