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Explain the six hot topics of the 100 billion scale oral industry

In the field of oral cavity, there are some seemingly paradoxical things. For example, the emergence of new digital digital technology simplifies the traditional dental procedure, but the prevalence rate is not high; some institutions and doctors are interested in planting, orthodontics, etc. The customer price unit project is indifferent to the dental disease prevention system that truly solves the problem more completely; the capital investment chain is enthusiastic, but the cross-regional national chain is often not profitable...

For the hot issues in the dental industry, the guests shared, and in the subsequent interviews with the arterial network reporter, they also learned about some new trends and new opportunities in the dental industry. This is interpreted:

1. The importance of oral health prevention is self-evident, why it is very difficult to popularize;

2. The maintenance of doctor-patient relationship, why doctor partners are popular;

3. Why the oral chain is most favored by capital;

4. Several modes of oral chain reproducibility;

5. How to make localization of equipment giants such as Kawa?

6, the digitization of the hot oral cavity, which produces the ultimate problem of background and solution;

Industry hot discussion 1: oral prevention, a long way to go
The etiology and treatment of oral diseases are clear, but the oral incidence is not reduced. Compared with Japan, the national insurance and security system is fully integrated with private medical institutions, and the system for preventive work is perfected. Health care personnel are guaranteed regardless of their importance or salary.



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